Pitlochry Angling Club - Safety Advice.

All persons fishing our waters do so at their own risk and Pitlochry Angling Club takes no responsibility for any damage, accident or personal injury of whatsoever kind or nature. Advice given here is for information without prejudice.

  1. The Club recommends the use of lifejackets at all times.
  2. Ensure that waders have suitable soles and heels for the terrain and use a wading staff whilst wading. Rubber soles without studs are unsuitable for our rivers.
  3. Beware of undercut banks and scouring around trees and other obstacles. Parts of the rivers have very dangerous rock beds with sudden drop offs to deep water, take care whilst negotiating and wading such places. Also take care to avoid various riverbank hazards whilst accessing fishing.
  4. Rapid changes in water level can occur on any of our stretches of river. Beware of rising water levels.
  5. Sunburn can cause skin cancer and waterproof sun protection is recommended. Wear glasses and a broad brimmed hat to protect your eyes and head. Amber lens polarised glasses are best for reducing glare and penetrating the water.
  6. Please note that our fishing venues may have poor or no mobile phone connectivity. Do not depend on this form of communication. Leave details of your intended trip and your expected return time with a responsible person.
  7. Negotiate fences with extreme care, particularly those made from high tensile barbed wire. High voltage electric fences may be encountered, ensure good clearance when crossing them. Use gates and stiles wherever possible.
  8. Most fishing rods and lines can conduct electricity. Adhere to the guidance given on warning notices and avoid overhead cables and electric fences. In the event of an electrical storm stop fishing and lay rods down on the ground or inside a boat and move to a place of safety as soon as possible. The 30/30 rule offers good advice. If the time between the lightning flash and the noise is less than 30 seconds, the storm is too close, stop fishing. Wait for 30 minutes after the last appearance of lightning before fishing again.
  9. Cross railway lines only where facilities are provided for that purpose and in accordance with rules.
  10. Farm animals can be dangerous; do not approach them especially if they have young. Where parking is allowed in fields containing animals beware that they may rub against your car with metal ear tags or lick paintwork and cause serious damage.
  11. Be conscious of safety and your surroundings at all times (especially when fly casting) to avoid danger to others.
  12. Anglers should be aware of the danger of contracting Lyme Disease from ticks, Weils Disease (Leptospirosis) spread by animals and Beaver Fever (Giardiasis) and take suitable precautions.
  13. Insect bites from the dreaded Scottish midge can be reduced by wearing appropriate protection. Horse flies and other insects also bite so be aware of their presence. Wasps and bees are the most common stinging insects.
  14. Boats should be secured whilst embarking/disembarking. Use the handrails provided. Be careful to avoid slips or trips at the docks. No more than three persons are allowed in a boat. Remain seated in boats whilst fishing. Boat seats should be secured.
  15. Boats must have oars aboard whilst in use. Engines to be securely clamped to the transom plates and provided with an attachment capable of retaining the engine in the event of clamp failure. Lift engines in shallow water to avoid damaging them. Exercise caution to avoid obstacles such as rocks. Disable engines (petrol engines remove safety lanyard, electric disconnect at least one battery terminal) before disentangling propellor.
  16. Do not use a boat or float tube in strong winds. An indication of bad conditions is breaking waves. Should the wind increase to an unsafe level whilst boat fishing occupants should sit low on the thwarts and attempt to keep the boat at right angles to the wave direction as far as possible and make for a place of safety, preferably the jetty.

Printable version of Pitlochry Angling Club Safety advice available here . . .

Atholl Estates permit only salmon anglers and Pitlochry Angling Club members to take vehicles over the railway crossing at Moulinearn. Instructions approved by Network Rail are here . . .