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Grayling Fishing River Tummel

Unlike the local brown trout which spawn in tributary burns in late autumn, grayling congregate in parts of the main river to spawn in spring.  However, they soon disperse, recover condition and are available to be caught during the rest of the year.   The occasional grayling appears in catches made while fly fishing at or near the surface for trout.  However, in the Tummel, the medium to larger-sized grayling feed mainly at the river bed and specimen fish of 1 kg or more are often solitary or in small groups whereas small fish tend to congregate in shoals during winter months.  Therefore, it pays to fish deep, casting upstream with weighted nymphs and shrimp, or sedge (caddis) larvae imitations.  Most specialist grayling fishers use the close-quarter Czech or Polish Nymph style, or the more mobile French Nymph style.  

If you wish to use bait for grayling once the trout fishing season closes (October 6), check the Club rules for fishing methods allowed at this time. You may float fish using certain baits and if doing so please try to avoid catching trout of possible. Anglers for grayling are encouraged to practice catch and release, but you may take a couple of 12+ inch (>30 cm) fish home to eat if you like.

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