Loch Bhac

Note to members - the following does not apply to members please consult members only instructions.

Visitors permits.

Visitors should book to fish Club waters online. Brief instructions are given below, for more details and answers to questions see Booking System Help - Questions and Answers.

  1. Permits are valid only for the named user and are not transferrable to others. Permits may be cancelled but no refunds are given. To cancel please Email to cancel permit giving reservation number and details.

  2. Please register for yourself and any others that wish to obtain permits on the system before making the booking. This requires the same information necessary to buy a paper permit plus you will have to provide a username, password and an e-mail address and mobile phone number. It need be completed only once on the booking system, from then on the system will remember you from the details on your registration certificate. It is recommended that you print your registration and make a note of your log in and password which you should keep safely.

  3. You may change your password and update your personal details at any time afterwards by logging into the booking system and accessing the "My Profile" tab which contains all the information that the system holds on your account. You will also be able to use this account to make bookings on our waters via the internet anytime.

  4. Select the the dates and beats you wish to fish. Once you have made your selections (several permits can be purchased at once) these can be booked.

  5. Payments are made via PayPal, using a PayPal account or any card accepted by PayPal. Permits are not issued until you have paid for them.

  6. The booking system checks your eligibility to book according to the permit restrictions and booking records. If a booking is refused the reason will be shown on screen and you will not be charged.

  7. The booking system can potentially be accessed from thousands of computers simultaneously. In the event of more than one user attempting to book the same fishing the first payment processed will be successful and any others in the process of booking will be removed from carts. Please understand that this is normal, the fishing has been bought elsewhere and unfortunately you are just too late!

  8. After booking is completed you will receive a printed permit. Please check that the details shown on it are correct. You should also print and be aware of the rules pertaining to the beat access and boundries as illustrated on the beat map. ("beat"means venue).

  9. Keys for loch fishing are available from Scotlands Spa Hotel see instructions on home page.
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